Our Mushroom Boutique

VintageChampignon is a vintage lamp shop specialized in space age and mushroom lamps from the 70s. Our collection includes the Dutch brands Dijkstra, Herda, Gepo, Raak and Anvia, but also design by Guzzini, Artemide, Louis Poulsen and Goffredo Reggiani, among others. We (re)store our pieces in the centre of Breda, the Netherlands. Looking for quality mushrooms? Ask VintageChampignon.

  • Dijkstra Double Arc Mushroom Wall Lamp


    Vintage lamps with acrylic shades in the shape and colour of 'mushrooms'. Mushroom lamps produce a warm-toned, cosy light. Some notable producers are Guzzini, Dijkstra, Herda and Gepo.

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    Vintage lamps with round, metal shades in bright colours resembling the eye. Brands include Gepo, Herda, Temde-Leuchten and Anvia.

  • Space Age Lamp - Dijkstra Globe Arc Wall Lamp

    Space Age

    Colorful lighting with shades consisting of transparant acryllic shades and aluminium parts that distribute light in creative patterns.